Password Security

How Secure Are Your Account Passwords?

Research from has revealed the most common passwords we used in 2016. 17% of people use ‘123456’. Moreover, four of the top 10 passwords we use are 6 characters or less, meaning that modern software crackers can unscramble them in seconds.

10 million passwords were scoured that became public during data breaches in 2016. The top 25 passwords of 2016 made up over 50% of these 10 million.

Secure passwords are essential when using modern technology and websites. Think of the damage that could be done if somebody unscrupulous had access to your online banking app, favourite shopping websites or – heaven forbid – your Social Media accounts!!

Most of us also leave ourselves open by using the same passwords on multiple websites. Enter your password on just one dodgy site and criminals can access EVERYTHING.

Best practice involves having different high security passwords for each and every account we use. But, how on earth do you remember each one? Fortunately there exists some very easy to use software which solves this for us – and it’s FREE.

LastPass only requires you to remember ONE master password and it does the rest, allowing you to have highly secure passwords for each account. A highly secure password can take the latest cracking machines decades to come anywhere close to deciphering. This works on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones